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Sorry they are a little unstable. I had to hold the thing over my head to record it. Would love to see him perform again. Actually hope he will be recording more blues. The country is good too, but I like the blues more.
28 August 2012 @ 08:18 am
That day is 2 days away. It is the date of our first court date in trying to get custody of Dean's son. I am extremely nervous. If you knew the whole story, you would agree he is better off with us than with his mother. The problem is I am sure his mother will lie about everything or do her best to make it sound like she has done nothing wrong. His son wants to live with us, so I do not understand why she can not just accept that and sign the agreement we had drawn up which included the visitation she said she wanted. As sad as it is, I think it comes down to the money she will no longer be getting from us.
15 August 2012 @ 10:13 am
02 August 2012 @ 08:28 am
I am stressed, but not because of the wedding. When you have 2 years to plan it, you tend to not have much to stress about. Instead, we should be closing on a house today at 4pm that we should have closed on July 20. We are also in the process of filing court papers to get custody of Dean's 16 yr old son who decided he wanted to live with us. The mother is not cooperating though. She is fine with him staying with us, but she really wants to keep her $500/month child support. GRRR!!
08 November 2011 @ 01:21 pm
Amazing, considering it was 24 months away when the planning started.

02 November 2011 @ 12:54 pm
On Saturday, October 29, 2011 Erin Elizabeth Reardon passed away. She was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, cousin, aunt, niece and friend to many. I knew her as my ex-husband’s sister. More importantly though, I still know her as one of the most compassionate and caring free spirits ever.

She was a bit eccentric at times, but I suppose that was what allowed her to be a friend to so many various types of people. Her compassion did not end with humans though. Anyone who knew her would also know she loved animals. I also think it is safe to say she felt a connection with them. That would be the main connection I felt I had with Erin.

She never questioned my decision to not have kids, but instead she embraced the fact I consider my pets to be my children. Whenever Peter and I went out of town and could not bring Mukisa with us, we always knew Erin would be willing to take care of him. In fact, the day we brought Mukisa home the first place we took him for a visit was to Erin’s. We figured what better way to get him socialized then to have him spend some time with her family and pets. And what a time it was running around with their dogs and having Bethany squish him. I am sure he enjoyed every moment of it right up to when all of the excitement caused him to throw up.

Erin’s free spirit was very evident in her hobbies and interests. She was a collector of objects and knowledge. Those objects and many bits of information covered a wide range of topics. Erin made jewelry and sold it at the Renaissance Festival and it was not uncommon to stop by her house to find something educational on TV. It was not uncommon either for Erin to accompany Jim and the kids and the dogs on camping trips. Erin shared the knowledge she gained openly with anyone who would listen and take the time to converse with her about any of her interests. This is probably one of the greatest gifts she gave her children. Branden and Bethany learned to embrace these same wide spanned topics of interest that their mother shared with them. In doing so, they both also learned to accept others and their differences. Erin was always so proud of her children, and it should be, because Jim and Erin raised them both to be creative, knowledgeable and independent individuals.

Erin was a caring friend. She was always willing to listen to her friends and offer to help them in any way she could. That even meant opening her home to some people when they needed it. She always made you feel welcome and offered her caring support without passing judgement upon anyone.

One thing Erin sometimes wasn’t was punctual. I remember planning to attend events and making sure we told Erin to be ready well ahead of time. This was not necessarily a fault though. And as it turns out, Erin actually surprised us all. As she was quite ahead of schedule when it came to her time to exit this life. Perhaps we could all learn something from Erin in that aspect. Maybe, just maybe sometimes it is okay to be late somewhere and readjust your plans. Afterall, rushing around so much all of the time might cause you to miss out on some really important things in life.

Rest in Peace Erin…
16 August 2011 @ 02:38 pm
As I sit here yet again for the 100th time or so debating Heaven or Blind Faith as my first song for my wedding next year, I finally decided to write something about how I feel about the death of Jani Lane or John Kennedy Oswald. If you do not know who that is, then you obviously were not into the hair band phase of the 90's. He was the original lead singer of Warrant. Jani had gorgeous long blond hair and dreamy blue eyes. Pictures of him covered my bedroom walls and adorned my lockers each year in school. Just check with Stephanie Quint-Wolff or Holly Swindler or anyone else who knew much about me during junior high and high school.

I remember a period of about 2 hours on Thursday, August 11 in which I felt all weird in the evening, and yes it was unexplainable. Premonition or what? If you do not believe me, then ask Dean. I am fairly positive he remembers me telling him how I felt. It was not until the following morning that I found out Jani passed away that night. It is strange, in a way I feel like my youth finally ended. I know he was obviously not the best artist ever or anywhere near it, yet this is hitting me hard. By now, most of you are probably thinking "wow she really does have issues." It is okay to feel that way. I am used to it by now. I always have been and always will be a fan of hair metal.

Warrant and Poison was my first unsupervised rock concert. It was in September of 1990 at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, Kansas. Holly went with me. We were both there showing animals at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show. One of my pigs ended up winning the swine show, and we somehow convinced our parents that because it did we should get to go to concert. This would have been the Cherry Pie/Flesh and Blood tour with Poison headlining. For those of you who know me now and have seen my Bret Michaels memorabilia, you might be surprised to learn that I was much more excited to see Warrant than Poison. Holly was the bigger Poison fan. That always worked out well for us. We did not have to fight over them, and it allowed us to trade for more pictures of our preferred bands to further plaster our rooms with.

We were only in the 8th grade, so we did not dare go down on the floor to the general admission standing room only. The two of us remained happily seated along the side of the arena, but we were plenty close enough to see our rock idols. It always was/is/will be one of my favorite moments ever. Who would have thought at that time Jani would be dead a mere 21 years later? I mean we would expect it of Axel Rose right? But not Jani Lane, at least not at that time. If you were someone who continued to pay attention to his life after Nirvana knocked the hair band genre out of regular circulation at the radio stations, then you might have seen this coming.

Jani continued to play with Warrant for a while and came and went from the line up a few times. He also had solo projects that he worked on. I've heard some of that solo work has sold on ebay for upwards of $100. If you feel the urge to look for any of it, one was entitled Jabberwocky and the other was Back Down to One. My guess is they might be going for more now. Also, as of this week you could find a copy of the single Sin on itunes and other music websites. Sin is the last recording he made and was done with a group going by the name Liberty N' Justice.

It is safe to say I will probably be looking for it and possibly purchasing it myself. Currently, I am overplaying my compact disc copies of D.R.F.S.R. and Cherry Pie. I even thought about watching my Cherry Pie VHS tape, but I fear that will finally bring me to the silly, sad tears I've been able to contain so far. I mean obviously I did not know this man, so why would I mourn his passing so. By the way, to whomever "acquired" my VHS copy of D.R.F.S.R. in college, I still miss it...a lot.

Moving along now, some of you might have caught the season of Celebrity Fit Club in which Jani participated. If you did, then that should have been your clue that Jani might not be with us much longer. It was no secret he had a drinking problem. He had struggled with it for years. When his mother was alive, she was often able to encourage him to go to treatment. Unfortunately, after she passed I think the battle was just too much for him. Of course we have not been told his death was definitely alcohol related, but I will honestly be shocked if it was not.

I think a friend might have summed this all up in a way more of you will understand...
"No, Warrant wasn't much more than a band with a couple of catchy tunes, but I think sometimes music doesn't need to be anything more than that. Warrant's music made us feel happy and is associated with a specific period in our lives, so I think it's understandable that Jani's passing would have an effect on you."

Most people have been making references to the song Heaven by Warrant when they talk of his passing. In my opinion, there is a much more relevant just not as well known song that is much more appropriate…

Song and Dance Man

“Last night I felt a wind
of change blow through me.
It spoke of a million things
before I die I should see.
Open up your eyes.
Life is poetry in motion.
Ride the open sky
I'll be ok as soon as I'm on my way
I am a song and dance man
Yes, I am a song and dance man

Woman. Oh, woman, sometimes I hear your voice.
It calls out to me,
makes my heart bleed.
Haven't got any chance.

Open my eyes.
Life is poetry in motion
Ride the open sky.
I'll be ok as soon as I'm on my way.
I am a song and dance man
Oh yes I am, a song and dance man
I am a song and dance man

Tokyo has rolling thunder
beautiful women and warm summer rain
Honolulu has stars of fire
words alone cannot explain

Open up your eyes
Spread your wings and fly
Oh Lord I am a song and dance man
Oh Lord I am a song and dance man
That's what I am
A song and dance man”

Rest In Peace Jani
12 August 2011 @ 08:13 am

My first rock concert without supervision was Warrant and Poison in September 1990 at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, KS. It does not seem like 21 years ago. Where does the time go? He really did have some talent. If you can go find some of his solo stuff. My guess is it is alcohol related. I would love to hear that it isn't, but I would be surprised.
20 May 2011 @ 12:42 pm
I missed posting about Harmon Killebrew.

1. Boogey
2. Harmon
3. Macho Man

Our set of 3 is done for now, please do not take anymore athletes for a while.

Thank you.
14 May 2011 @ 04:11 pm
Derek Boogaard was in my top 3 favorite Minnesota Wild players. Gone way too soon at 28.